Five Historic European Castles where you can Spend the Night

Five Historic European Castles where you can Spend the Night

There’s nothing wrong with sleeping on an air mattress if you’re camping in the back woods or your visiting family during a holiday, they can be surprisingly useful and may be the best way to sleep comfortably if you find yourself with limited sleeping options.

If, on the other hand, you want to take a vacation with a little bit more luxury in mind, you may want to consider visiting one of Europe’s beautiful historic castles where you can experience a little bit of history while sleeping in luxurious accommodations with a distinctive museum feel. Here are 5 of Europe’s best castle destinations you may want to consider for your next vacation.

Amberley Castle England

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to stay in a 900 year old castle, but if you ever have the opportunity to stay at Amberley Castle in England that’s what you’ll experience. This castle set in historic Sussex welcomes visitors year round. It began life as a wooden hunting lodge in the 12th century and over a period of 400 years was slowly transformed into the castle you see today. Staying in a castle with this much history is like sleeping in an actual museum and who knows you may even come across a ghost or two!

Ashford Castle Ireland

There’s always been something a little bit magical about Ireland – whether it’s the legends of leprechauns, banshees, or St. Patrick’s banishing of the snakes from the island. This is a land where history can be found everywhere around you, but if you want to truly immerse yourself in that history then staying at the Ashford Castle is the way to go. If you enjoy your Guinness beer it may interest you to know that the Guinness family once lived in this castle. The history of this landmark building goes all the way back to 1228 and when you stay here you’ll get a chance to immerse yourself amongst many historic pieces that would fit right in in the finest museums in Europe.

Fenton Tower Scotland

There are few places on earth that can live up to the beauty of the rugged Scottish landscape where a nation of underdogs stood up to their much larger neighbour for centuries by inventing and perfecting the art of guerilla warfare. These days things are a little more peaceful in the Scottish countryside and you can experience that yourself with a stay at the Fenton Tower castle just outside the capital of Edinburgh. This tower was built in the 16th century and many famous people have graced its walls including King James the VI of Scotland.

Parador de Alarcon Spain

Not to be outdone by the British Isles the European continent also boasts a lot of fine historic castles that you can actually spend a night or two at and one of the most beautiful is the Parador de Alarcon in Spain. It may be hard to picture 1300 years of history, but when you stay at this Spanish castle you’ll have a chance to experience it for yourself. This castle does a great job of combining an historic experience with many modern comforts.

Hotel de la Cite Carcassone France

There are few places on earth that truly live up to the fairy-tale expectations we have of ancient castles, but the Hotel de la Cite Carcassone in France comes pretty close. This a beautiful castle with a rich history set in the heart of the French countryside. Here you can have a relaxing spa experience while reliving the France of the middle ages.

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